SFFD Oversight
The Fire Reserve Command Structure
Drilling & Training


  SFFD Oversight
The San Francisco Fire Auxiliary Reserve was established in 1941 in Chapter 7 ("Disaster Council") of the Administrative Code of the City of San Francisco. The San Francisco Fire Reserve is governed by San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) regulations, the San Francisco Fire Commission, and all state laws applicable to reserve firefighters. Within the SFFD, the Fire Reserve is under the control of the Division of Training.
  Fire Reserve Command Structure
The FR organizational hierarchy is modeled after the structure of the SFFD. The Commander-Fire Reserve (FR) is the primary volunteer in charge of the Fire Reserve and is appointed by the Chief of the SFFD subject to the approval of the Fire Commission. Operationally, the FR Commander reports to the Director of Training, the Assistant Deputy Chief in charge of the Division of Training.  Phillip Buckley serves as Commander of the Fire Reserve.
  Under the Commander are two Deputy Commanders, one in charge of operations and the other in charge of administration.

The Deputy Commander-FR Operations is second in overall command of the FR and is responsible for Drill Schedule implementation (including the FR academy), FR company organization, and fire ground command. Currently Ray Carbonel serves as Deputy Commander-FR Operations

The Deputy Commander-FR Administration is third in overall command of the FR and is responsible for FR administrative matters including scheduling, personnel records, communications, and data collection. Currently Veronica Peņa serves as Deputy Commander-FR Administration.

Drilling & Training
Active Fire Reservists are divided into four Battalions, each under the command of a FR Captain and Lieutenant. All training and drills are performed as companies and battalions in order to develop teamwork and communication.

A major responsibility of the Fire Reserve is to report to an incident and assist the SFFD when a third-alarm or greater is struck by the SFFD Incident Commander (IC). At the fireground, arriving Fire Reservists muster at the Mobile Air Unit/ Service Squad. The ranking Fire Reservist then reports to the IC, informing the IC of the number of Reservists present and receiving any commands or orders for the Fire Reserve to execute.

In the event of a large-scale Citywide event such as an earthquake, Fire Reservists report to the Division of Training at 2310 Folsom Street to receive duty assignments from the SFFD.

Fire Reservists assisting SFFD, Box 5511, 4th Alarm (courtesy Navid Baraty).