Disaster Council

   The following terms as used in this Section shall have the meaning ascribed to them, as follows:

     “Chief” shall mean the Chief of the Fire Department.

     “Commission” shall mean the Fire Commission.

     “Member” shall mean member of the San Francisco Fire Auxiliary Reserve.

     “Reserve” shall mean the San Francisco Fire Auxiliary Reserve.

     (a)     The San Francisco Fire Auxiliary Reserve is hereby created. The Reserve of not more than 800 members shall be under the direction of the Chief of the Fire Department and shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the Fire Commission may prescribe.

     (b)     The Commission shall, by rule, prescribe the qualifications and standards by which applications for membership in the Reserve shall be governed and persons possessing the qualifications and conforming to the standards may be appointed to the Reserve by the Chief.

     (c)     Members shall perform such public service as may be ordered by the Chief. It shall be unlawful for any person wilfully to resist, delay, or obstruct any member in the discharge, or the attempt to discharge, of any duties of his or her office.

     (d)     The Reserve is hereby assigned the duty of preparing against the perils to life and property that may be expected to result from enemy attack or sabotage or from any emergency that may threaten lives and property. Any duties assigned to the members shall be deemed to be training in preparation against such perils.

     (e)     The approved dress, badge and equipment to be worn and carried by the members shall be as determined by rule of the Commission, subject to the fiscal provisions of the Charter.

     (f)     It shall be unlawful for any person to impersonate or falsely represent himself of herself to be a member, or, without authorization, to wear, use or possess a badge used by the Reserve.

     (g)     The Chief may dismiss a member from the Reserve, without any hearing whatsoever, and each member shall have the right to resign from the Reserve at any time.

     (h)     To be eligible for membership in the Reserve, each applicant must indicate his or her willingness to serve an average minimum of 16 hours per month in the public service. Where any member has failed to give such minimum hours of service for a period of two months, the Chief shall inquire into the reasons therefor. Unless good reason is shown for such failure to render the minimum hours herein required, the Chief may dismiss the member from the Reserve.

     (i)     The Reserve shall be deemed to be a part of the Auxiliary Fire Service of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Emergency Services organization.

     (j)     The Commission is hereby authorized, directed and empowered to prepare and promulgate such rules, regulations and revisions, and amendments thereof, as may, in its discretion, be necessary to carry out the express intent of this Section. (Amended by Ord. 40-72, App. 2/25/72; Ord. 259-99, File No. 991364, App. 10/15/99)